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    Welcome to the online home of Flying Children

    We are dedicated to improving the quality of care available to pre-school children in South Africa's disadvantaged areas.

    Too many children are brought up by single parents, ill or dying parents, foster parents, elderly relatives, teenage mothers, or older brothers or sisters. Child care, both in children’s centres and at home, is often inadequate and even emotionally and educationally damaging. This has the potential to create a damaging legacy for the child that is almost impossible to eradicate, before he or she has even started school.

    Enter the Flying Children Programme!

    Working with 'clusters' of around 18 schools, our programme offers makeovers that achieve a basic quality of facilities. We conduct intense teaching, mentoring and supervision with the teachers, and then build services in aftercare, parenting training and support for orphans and vulnerable children at "hub" schools.

    Fly eagle fly!

    This African story explains our philosophy:

    A farmer found an eagle chick among his chickens, pecking at the ground. As time went on, the eagle grew big but just would not fly. One day, the farmer decided he needed to help. He tried to throw him in the air, but the glorious animal just fluttered down and went on pecking in the dust. A neighbour climbed to the top of a hut and threw him off. The result was the same. The next day, the neighbour got up early before the sun came up, tucked the eagle under his arm and climbed up, up the mountain until he got to a cliff edge. He held the eagle high in his arms as the sun came up. The eagle saw the sun and spread his wings, and then the man launched the eagle into the sky saying, “Fly, eagle, fly.” The bird felt the wind under his wings, and swooped high into the sky.

    We hate the idea of any of our children pecking at the ground like chickens when they could fly like eagles. We want to show them the sun, so that they feel the wind beneath their wings and take off.

    Because we want our children to fly like eagles!