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    Investment in ECD gives the greatest returns. 

    The Highscope Perry research conducted over 40 years’ study shows that a high-quality program for young children living in poverty - over their lifetimes - improves their educational performance, contributes to their economic development, helps prevent them from resorting to crime, and provides a high return on taxpayer investment.’

    Graeme Bloch in his book ‘The Toxic Mix’ states ‘vast inequalities are produced and reproduced in schools, so that a small band of at most 20% produces the great majority of graduates and success stories in the system. About 10% or so are the formerly white or model C schools, and another 10% made up of well performing black schools. While formerly white model C schools produce uniformly better results, rural and township schools overwhelmingly survive through sheer will and the force of good and committed teachers. Hours on the job are substantially less in ‘second economy’ schools. Over half of the children never get to the end, with grade 9 being a major point of dropout.’ (Pg. 59, 2009, Tafelberg)

    Our social conditions make it vital for us to pay attention to our under 7’s. This is where we can, at a comparatively small cost (but with considerable effort and commitment by teachers), create children who have solid foundations that allow them to succeed at school and life. After 7 years, remedial work is much harder and so much more expensive – in financial terms and with damage done by this time to children’s feelings of self-worth and agency.

    Children with a strong foundation in age appropriate skills, general knowledge, emotional health, social abilities and the belief that learning is possible are at an enormous advantage when they start formal schooling.

    Our approach at Flying Children is unique.  

    • Pre-school children in disadvantaged areas get access to safe, stimulating care, giving them the basis to succeed at “big school”;
    • Our holistic approach works with teachers, children as well as parents and the community as a whole;

      Every child deserves a good runway to take off and fly!

    • Training is supported by intense hands-on mentoring on site;
    • Centres we work with become sought-after service providers in their communities, creating jobs in ECD.

    Flying Children offers various ways to invest in ECD and the country’s future:

    Training bursaries. R12 000 for a year’s enrolment for an ECD teacher. Give someone the gift of skills, including both classroom work and on-site mentoring.

    Organisational donations. Flying Children needs to fund its core activities, pay staff, rent, materials etc etc. Platinum donors support with R200 000 and up; Gold donors support with R50 000 to R200 000; Silver donors with R10 000 to R50 000.  But any amounts are welcome, no matter how big or small! And we collect suitable toys for use in our schools.

    Section 18A certificates available – donations earn BBBEE credits