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    67 things you can do in the name of our beloved Madiba now and all through the year...

    67 things you can do in the name of our beloved Madiba now and all through the year...
    1. Give away good second hand toys to us
    2. Dollies, dollies clothes, toy bottles ect
    3. Toy cars, planes, boats ....
    4. Toy animals – plastic, wood, cloth...
    5. Puzzles and games for pre-schoolers
    6. Anti- waste paper for children to draw and paint on...
    7. Picture books
    8. Children’s encyclopaedias
    9. Children’s atlases
    10. Globes
    11. Let us have your old clothes for dress up...
    12. Set of small blocks – under R300 – the children love them...
    13. Percussion instruments – drums, shakers, bells, rhythm sticks...
    14. Give a set of unit blocks to a pre-school – they last forever and cost under R2000
    15. Give a chemical toilet to one of our schools (about R300).
    16. Face cloths
    17. Do some of our printing for us
    18. Do some of our laminating for us
    19. A laminator?
    20. Give powder paint – red, blue, yellow, black, brown and white...
    21. Give pre-school pencil crayons
    22. Give oil pastels
    23. Give coloured chalk and chubby crayons
    24. Give clay (20kgs for about R200)
    25. Give playdough or the ingredients to make it.
    26. Give sticky tape and string
    27. Give paint for painting the pre-schools
    28. Give building materials like metal sheets, poles, ceiling boards, nails, and leak fixing materials or money towards it.
    29. Collect usable waste like boxes of all sizes from match boxes up, tins, containers, bottles...
    30. Let us have your old clothes for our teachers to sell for fundraising
    31. Donations for raffles for our teachers to fundraise with
    32. Food donations for the centres not receiving help for this yet. (A little each month would really help.)
    33. Your artistic abilities to paint murals on the walls
    34. Plants (non-toxic) for the playgrounds
    35. Trees for the playgrounds
    36. Vegetable seedlings for the vegetable gardens
    37. Benches for the playgrounds
    38. Jungle gyms and swings
    39. Sandpits
    40. Water play basins
    41. Bats and balls, stilts, skipping ropes...
    42. Sand and water play toys
    43. Cots for dollies
    44. Shelves for toys
    45. Tables for art and eating at
    46. Kitchen furniture
    47. Kitchen ware (can be second hand)
    48. Your old but still usable pots and pans
    49. A bakkie – we need a second hand hardwearing workhorse...
    50. Containers – laundry baskets, buckets, bowls...
    51. Money for labour or the offer of your building expertise...
    52. Help on our work days
    53. Your help with fundraising for us...
    54. Financial help – we to do so much to help centres on their way to registration
    55. Help towards our dream of a demonstration/ training/ OVC centre in Slovoville
    56. Help with accessing Green solutions to building
    57. Water tanks
    58. Composting toilets
    59. Solar power units
    60. By hugging your child each day
    61. Listening to your child each day
    62. Playing with your child each day
    63. Taking care of our children by watching over all children in our communities
    64. Supporting ECD practitioners training so that they can do a better and better job
    65. Supporting a pre-school ...be you an individual or a group – eg a well-resourced church or pre-school.
    66. Learning more about the real needs of children in our country
    67. Asking us ‘what can I do to help?’

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