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    A salute to the young #MultiChoice Team Joey

    The young team Joey from #MutiChoice has really impressed me. Sorry to call you young – it is just that I am rather a bit older than you. And at the moment I just want to salute what young people in South Africa can be.

    Two young women removed a large piece of cracked window from a window frame (I had to leave – I lurked round the corner nervously waiting to call an ambulance actually). I asked ‘have you done this before? ‘No’, they said ‘but we have watched it being done’. Then they carefully scraped off the old putty and put in a new window!!!

    New handles were being put in. I asked ‘Where did you learn to do this?’ ‘From watching’ they said.

    Watching , and having an ‘I can do it if I try’ attitude. Believing in one’s ability to learn and solve problems...what more can we ask of our young people?

    They visited us a few weeks before and had a look at the Lebogang and were able to identify the most important problems and find ways to solve them.

    They did not try to just  ‘make the kids happy’ for a few minutes – no they made sure that the children will be warmer and safer and be in a more respectful environment for a long time. And they gave the ECD practitioners a feeling of worth for the work they do.

    They did what was needed – and without the need for fanfare and self- congratulation.
    I salute you – young Team Joey of #MultiChoice – an example to all young South Africans.

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