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    Does some play make you Gay?

    Does some play make you Gay?

    Play does make you happy - but it can't effect your sexual orientation!

    It is 12 years into the 21st century, we have progressive laws protecting and supporting Gay people in South Africa and we still worry that little boys dressing up in skirts will become “Gay”. Or that tom boys will become lesbians...It is the worry that gets to me – and the preventing of explorative, self- nurturing and happy play as well...

    Firstly one cannot change or control your sexual orientation. Nor should you have to. One’s sexual life is part of you – but it is also not your whole self. Unfortunately one often sees Gay people as primarily sexual beings rather than ‘beings’ just like ‘us’ (who are also sexual beings but just perhaps in a different way).

    Pre-school boys often love playing in the fantasy corner. They cook, carry handbags and dress up in tutu’s sometimes too. Unless they are shamed into not doing it! Older 'straight' boys also quite often dress up in women’s clothing for fun and perhaps some interest in what it feels like...

    Little girls often like building with blocks or vrooming toy cars around. And they will do this as long as no-one keeps telling them to get out of the boys way...

    Let children play with what they want to play with, when they want to play and how they want to play...Only when they hurt themselves, others or the environment should you intervene – and ‘cross gender play’ needs to become just ordinary play. Viva play!

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