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    How to give the gift of giving at Christmas

    All you need to do is:

    1) Put money in our bank account
    2) Send us the name of the person you are giving a present to and a proof of payment email to: lindyharris@Mweb.co.za
    Then we send you a lovely ‘present certificate’ to thank the person you are giving to. There is even a cut out for them to use as a book mark, or to put up somewhere to remind them of you and of being a ‘giver’. You email it to them close to Christmas (or print it out and give it to them on Christmas day)
    (Before the end of November2013 if possible – otherwise you need to send this to a different email address which we will post in the beginning of December)

    Banking details:
    Flying Children
    Nedbank, Rosebank
    Acc no: 1017771731
    Branch code: 19770500

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