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    If your child is going to school next year this is how to make sure they really shine:

    My grandparents made such an effort to educate their children and help them to make their way into the world. It took sacrifice. My mother went to Medical school at 16. She had two dresses and one pair of shoes.

    But I think it started with my Great grandmother. She made sure her children always had clean clothes, a hearty breakfast in their stomachs and their homework done.

    Such simple things would help so many of our children do better at school. I made a list:

    If your child is going to school next year this is how to make sure they really shine:

    1. Apply early for a space at the school of your choice.
    2. Make sure they have the right uniform.
    3. Pay their fees on time or make sure the school knows why you can’t pay your fees.
    4. Give them supper at 6-6.30 each day.
    5. Bath or wash them in the evening.
    6. Get them to bed at 8-8.30 pm each school night.
    7. Put out their clothes the night before.
    8. In the morning wake them early enough so that they do not have to rush to get ready.
    9. Help them to wash and dress.
    10. Try to get them to eat a healthy breakfast.
    11. Help them to pack their school bags the night before.
    12.  Check that they have done all their homework every day.
    13. Help them with their homework if they need you to. But never shout at them or call them stupid if they can’t do their work.
    14. Take them to the library every two weeks at least.
    15. Read to your child every day
    16. Ask them every day how school was. Listen to their answers.
    17. Talk or play with your child for at least 20 minutes each day.
    18. If the teacher calls you for a meeting...GO!
    19. Always stay on your child’s side. Be loving and supportive in every way...

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