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    June 16th 2014 - my demands...

    1) Teachers and principals chosen on merit not by unions

    2) Inspectors/ supervisors visit and supervise/ mentor schools at least monthly

    3) Teachers go to teaching skills and enrichment courses each school holiday (3 days in short holds a week in the long ones including)

    4) No class has more than 20 children in it.

    5) Children are taught in their mother tongue by a mother tongue speaker in their primary school years. 2nd tongue taught by person who speaks that language perfectly.

    6)Teachers have pride in their educational spaces and make classrooms pleasant and comfortable places to learn in.

    7) Cleaners keep the classrooms and toilets spotless at all times.

    8) Caretaker and groundsman keep everything maintained and the playgrounds and sports field's clean and in order.

    9) Teachers come back to put their class in order a day before school starts and stay at least a day after to finish any work and clean and tidy their classrooms and cupboards.

    10) Teachers spend one to two hours after each school day doing preparation for the next day.

    11) Teachers have weekly supervisions with a senior teacher.

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