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    No 11 in our series ‘Using positive discipline’: Just try!

    Just for a week just try not to punish your child physically. Just one week try to think before you say no, scream or hit. Just one week – or if you can’t manage that try just one day at a time.

    Your relationship with your child will change for the better. You will draw closer to each other. You will be less tired and dispirited and if you have been feeling guilty about your parenting this will improve straight away!

    So use distraction, 5 minute warnings of changes of activities, child proof your home, spend quality time with your child as much as you can (Children actually need a huge quantity of quality time). What you put in is what you get out...

    Interestingly enough very few psychologists use physical punishment with their own children. And have done for many, many years. Especially those with a more in depth and analytical (as in psychoanalytical) training. They know the dangers of this sort of punishment, their training has hopefully made them think about their actions very much more carefully and they know child development.

    Things you can try yourself!

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