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    People are living there...in South Africa, Gauteng

    My little Renault Cleo – a lovely car, but not meant for dealing with roads that are more hills and dales than roads – is just not coping with the places I take it...

    I need a car with ‘clearance’, light on petrol (as we at Flying Children don’t yet have money to pay for little things like travel expenses, new tyres and bumpers that get ripped off or salaries...we spend it all on training materials and upgrading the centers) and safe and able to carry students sometimes...probably a bakkie –a light kind of double cab would be idea. Ha, ha – living in La, la land...(But I would really appreciate a donation of a bakkie to Flying children of some sort - really, really appreciate it!). 

    But really the roads are getting ridiculous and now that it is winter the pipes seem to break and there will be even more large lakes to drive through.

    I had to wait for a mom and toddler to use the only usable part of one of the road for people or cars in Tsepisong  before trying to drive over it myself. She and the little toddler walked carefully over the ruts and valleys and then when they got to the litter and sewage filled stream running down all the streets feeing that one and then running down the street I was in – she had to pick her little one up carry her over it.

    People are living there...in South Africa, Gauteng 2013.05.06.

    I wish all our elected leaders would refuse to have any extra building done on the governments expense done to their homes (both their own or their official residences) other than basic maintenance.
    I wish they would take a cut in pay and never allow the money they get to be raised until everyone lived in a house not a shack, had toilets and water disposal that did not rely on ruts in streets to carry dirty water and sewage away. That they were all required to send their children to government schools and go to government hospitals.

    Then maybe we would have those in office who actually cared about people and how people live in South Africa.

    PS: I also think they should have to live in shacks in informal settlement’s while parliament is sitting (It would really get them to see what they should be talking about) 

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