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    So let’s stop failing our children and get them flying in the freeness of true education!

    If you read our websites front page you will see why we called ourselves ‘Flying Children’. The eagle flew when he could feel the wind under his wings and the support it gave him.

    The support that both holds one up but also gives freedom and...

    I hear all sorts of things about what makes children successful at school. One thing I hear a lot is everyone blaming everyone else for not doing their job and being the reason for the failure...

    I hear:

    'We did not get the books so we could not teach' But surely all teachers should know enough about how and what to teach to at least make sure the children start learning until the books do arrive. (Are there not books to follow from the year before?)

    'The teachers are lazy' But they have 50-60 children in their classrooms. The classrooms are dirty, their work environment often unpleasant. Surely we need to give them more support?

    'The children are lazy and don’t like to learn'  But that is what teachers are there for – to create environments in which children enjoy learning?

    'The parents are no good. They do not support their children or us'  But have the parents been really properly invited in to help you? And have teachers helped parents to see how they can support their children better?

    To create that wind that holds and frees our children’s potential we really need to all work together. And to accept where we need to improve what we do, accept the blame we deserve without becoming defensive but also help others to do better where they need to improve...

    Children are born with so much potential to learn, so much curiosity about how the world works. They only lose this inborn motivation to learn if we stifle it by inadequate parenting, nutrients, stimulation and teaching.
    When children fail it is teachers, parents and society who is failing – NOT the child!

    So let’s stop failing our children and get them flying in the freeness of true education!

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