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    Some "Mammal activities" to do with pre-schoolers

    Some "Mammal activities" to do with pre-schoolers:

    Mammal hair...

    Look for different kinds of hair and fur. In small bowls or containers you could put human hair, sheep’s wool, horse’s tail or mane hair, cow’s hair, cat fur, dog hair – any hair or fur that you can find without hurting any animals! Write on a small card what is in each bowl or container. Touch, look at and smell the different hair and discuss their differences...

    What feels coldest to me?

    Put a smooth stone, a mirror from a powder compact, a wet cloth, a piece of material, a green leaf, a dry brown leaf, a piece of wood, a key, a plastic plate, a china cup, a piece of paper a piece of cardboard – anything you can find – on the interest table.

    Ask the children to feel the objects on their tummies or inner arms.

    Tell them that if they feel cold it means that the object has a lower temperature than they do – it will be less than 37 degrees which is what our temperature (human mammals) is when we are well.

    If something feels warn to us then it is warmer than we are!

    Put a toy thermometer on the table. Write 'thermometer' in the language you teach in on the interest table poster.

    Look for books about temperature, for example:
    Hot and Cold, Starters Science Macdonald
    What is a thermometer?, Lisa Trumbauer, Scholastic



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