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    Teach children from 3years The 10 Universal Precautions

    The 10 Universal Precautions
    (From little Voices, Cotlands February 2002)

    1. Do not touch anyone else’s blood or sores.
    2. If you have a cut, keep it closed or bandaged up.
    3. Do not touch or play with any sharp things, like needles or broken glass.
    4. Do not share sweets, food, cooldrinks, a toothbrush or anything that comes out of your friend’s mouth.
    5. You must always throw old bandages and plasters away properly.
    6. If someone has been hurt and blood has been spilt, get an adult to clean it up. Do not touch it yourself.
    7. Don’t allow anyone to bite or hurt you. Never do that to someone else.
    8. If someone has vomited get an adult to clean it up, never touch it yourself.
    9. Never let someone touch your body in a way you don’t like, even if it is someone you know.
    10. Always wash your hands or any part of your body that has come into contact with blood.      

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