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    The cup cakes of love project!

    Amanda Kandawire has kindly donated her time to raise money for us as well as to end by giving our children a lovely cup cake party!
    Her contact details: amandakandawire@gmail.com or 082 440 2531.

    She writes:

    ‘I'm a pilot by profession and I run a small cupcake business on the side called Sugar n Wings. I want to run a cupcake charity drive to raise some money for your organization. How it will work is I'll be "selling cupcakes" at R20 each with the minimum pledge being 5 cupcakes (R100). People won't be buying the cupcakes for themselves but for the kids at the centers you have. A lump some of the money will be donated to your organization with a small portion being used to buy ingredients to bake cupcakes. Each donor will have their name written on the cupcakes they buy and on a day suitable for the "cupcake fairies" that will help me bake and I thought we could have a cupcake party for the kids at the centres. 

    The drive will be called "cupcakes of love" and because I'm going on a leap of faith and not sure how much people will pledge I don't know how much we will be able to raise’.

    Thanks Amanda – we are grateful – and also to anyone who wants to ‘buy’ cupcakes too! I know the children will just love them. And we are always in need of something for our centres too!

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