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    The Gift of Giving for Christmas

    December and Christmas is almost upon us. I know that the shops have been proclaiming it for some time now. Diwali and Ramadan have also been and gone but with far less noise! I often wish that Christmas could be a simpler more spiritual celebration.

    But I do know that our economy has probably come to rely on the huge spending done at Christmas. So one part of me simply has to accept it!

    My children, now 16 and 21, still want a ‘quiet Christmas, just with the family’. We go to Church on Christmas Eve as this is my husband’s German Swiss tradition. Our ‘fun’ is traditionally having a picnic tea at Emmarentia Dam with the dog in tow and a board game or two or three in the afternoon.

    Yes, we open presents and eat tasty food but what they really like and I hope will value all their lives is the quiet, peaceful and loving togetherness of the day.

    This year they will both be getting a ‘gift of giving’ in their stockings. I will be giving a small donation to Flying Children to them. (And a thank you for all the help they have given me with Flying Children – they are so generous about this!)

    How can your children also do this? Make a small donation to Flying Children! We would send a lovely thank you ‘gift of giving’ email to wherever you want...as soon as we can after we get your proof of payment! (To lindyharris@Mweb.co.za)

    Banking details:

    Flying Children Nedbank,

    50 Bath Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg

    SA Acc no: 1017771731

    Branch code: 19770500

    Overseas donators will need the 'Swift' code: nedszajj. And please put in the full address of the bank! Thanks!!!

    Tell your children that their ‘gift of giving’ will buy toys and art materials and comforts for children who really do have none of their own. Such a lovely way to build empathy in ones children...

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