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    Why we need money and donations so much!

    To run a reasonable pre-school programme a centre needs these things – and the space to put them too.

    Most centres also need a shaded outdoor area. Toilet areas are essential and should not if at all possible be far from the playrooms. Many need help with some extra playroom space. Also with the waterproofing and insulating of places and the improvement of the surfaces of both indoors and outdoors.


    What we try to give

    Art tables At least 3 – drawing can be done on floor. Children’s chairs We will provide

    At least 14 Shelves/ or small tables depending For: Educational area Block corner Art shelf Theme From 2nd term: and for 2nd years interest and nature as well) Possibly for theme boxes At least 2 for educational area, 2 for block, three for theme, interest and nature, Clean station (tissues and water bottle)

    Containers 3 medium sized for cars, animals and ‘people’ 3 for fantasy Tray for fantasy Lego/ other construction toy containers Block container Puzzle game containers

    Cubby’s (24 compartments)


    Dolls beds (when we have them .)

    Play stove (One shelf table painted with rounds for stove)

     Play table and 2 chairs


    Toy cooking set (pot and kettle or similar, stirring spoons)

    Toy eating set (plates and a few spoons)

    Block sets (we try to provide at least one set)

    Puzzles Inset 2 piece 4-12 piece 12- 24 piece 24- 48 PIECE  (but only if children at that level)

    Educational games dominoes, lotto, snap, 0’s and X’s, snakes and ladders, opposites, same as games, increasing decreasing in size games as donated or found, home made games as explained and made in the FC programme See list (it grows all the time), maths blocks.

    Pillows 4-5

    Musical instruments (all will get stones and rhythm sticks as soon as possible – rest must get themselves or if we are lucky enough to get them

    Jungle Gym / other large outdoor equipment Swing s/ swing set

    Toy cars

    Toy people

    toy plastic/ wood animals

    Sets lego Sets duplo Sets baby lego if babies

    Sets construction toys

    Books for the book corner

    Theme boxes

    Encyclopedia sets

    Chemical toilets 2-4 depending on situation

    Water barrels with taps

    Children’s plates If not enough will help – so NB not to share

    Children’s cups We provide 24 for each 3-5 class – to be put in lockers

    Rubbish bin for inside each room and outside

    Water and sand basin and 1 pack of sand each term. Also something to put the basins on.

    Water and sand toys. We provide a few BUT students must put in bottles, make containers ect – must always keep their water and sand baskets full. O

    utdoor basin – skittles, balls, tin stilts, skipping ropes. We provide as we have

    One large balancing board

    One small balancing board

    One Ring toss game

    Motorbikes/ other wheeled toys

    At least 3-4 Daily programme posters, birthday posters, helper poster, area poster, wiping nose and hand washing poster. Name posters, cubby pictures

    Pictures for Grade R’s to write names from during art Alphabet and number snakes for

    Grade R’s From 3rd term school readiness worksheets for Grade R’s

    Alphabet and number posters and games

    Washing hand water barrel with tap and same for children to fetch water.

    Also small table for this.

    They should have containers for paint and glue (to store it) as well as for drawing, collage, scissors ect – should collect from their own anti waste Each centre must have anti- waste box and encourage parents to bring in.

    Place to store posters

    Place to store notes

    Place to store theme boxes

    Theme boxes

    Register 2

    nd years – HIV and emergency protocols, staff details, children’s admission forms, emergency numbers, store of name pic’s Grade R worksheets, store of admission forms, Record of fees, reports – as required We need to put these together for them.

    Basketball hoop

    Ring toss

    2nd years – (they need the print out and each week need to be shown how to use these) Sinking and floating posters/ bowl Lego set of specific thing 4 rulers Stone numbers Sieve and pipe cleaners Sorting from rice Picking up bottle tops with chopsticks Marble/ golf ball rolling in a bowl Sequins out of flour with tweezers Sand tray with animals, stones ect Hammers x2, nails, wood offcuts 1.

    Art and administrative needs for our children’s centres

     Charcoal x4

    Pencil crayons (Trigrip) – good colour – but do not need more than the basic 10 - 12 colour kind x1-2

    Coloured chalk (Square boxes – not the little boxes) x3

    Oil pastels x4

    Wax crayons. Jumbo x4 Clay (20kg) Powder paint red, blue, yellow, green, white, black 5kg

    Darning needles with large holes and blunt points x8

    All purpose glue (white glue) 1kg bucket

    Paper glue – cheap (can be wallpaper or other glue that needs to have water added) 2kg

    Glue spreaders

    8x Paintbrushes

    x10 Scissors (ambi, pre school) Durable

    x 8 string


    Exam pad

    Sticky tape

    Masking tape

    Punch with measure (medium heavy duty)

    Stapler (good quality – meduim sized

    Prestick Pens Pencils

    Sharpener(metal with 2 size holes)


    Fat water based koki’s for teachers to colour in the posters we give them.

    10 - 12 colours Black, red and green Artline 70 type koki’s (poster words, writing on children’s art contructions)

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